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As part of Kūkulu’s commitment to transparency and knowledge sharing, below is a list of resources and response funding for nonprofits and community leaders:

List of Resources + RESPONSE FUNDING


Hawai’i People’s Fund Urgent Action Grants are committed to supporting grassroots organizations working to reduce the harm of current systemic failures and, welcomes strategic proposals that aim to support community during these unprecedented times ($5,000 maximum request).

Hawai‘i Community Benefit Consultants (HCBC) is a network of independent consultants working to advance the greater good in Hawai‘i through partnership with nonprofits, public sector agencies, and social entrepreneurs. 

Hawai’i Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations (HANO), affiliated with the National Council of Nonprofits, facilitates leadership convenings, advocacy and policy support, professional development training and offers newsletters, job listings, grant opportunities, event calendars, member updates, briefings and other communications resources for Hawaii nonprofits.

LIST of RESPONSE & COMMUNITY SUPPORT FUNDS (based outside of Hawai’i):

Emergent Fund (social justice) a rapid response fund for grassroots, BIPOC movement and frontline organizers. Grant sizes range from $4000 to $20,000. Low-barrier, no strings attached applications on a monthly cycle with decisions made the last two weeks of each month.

Groundswell Rapid Response Fund (for reproductive and social justice). Provides fast funding to grassroots organizations led by women of color, trans people of color, and low-income women and trans people to protect and advance reproductive and social justice. Grant sizes may range from $5,000 to $30,000. Applications are considered on a rolling basis as they are submitted and decisions are made between 2 – 3 weeks of submission.

Urgent Action Fund: Rapid Response Grants for Security and Opportunity (human rights and gender justice). Applications are accepted anytime and in any language. Maximum grant size is $5,000.

Third Wave’s Mobilize Power Fund (gender justice). Rapid response fund for youth-led gender justice activism, action, and community mobilization regardless of 501c3 status or fiscal sponsorship. Applications are taken year-round and reviewed monthly.

National Bail Fund Network aggregates state by state funds as well as national funds for specific groups: LGBTQ fund, Black Immigrant funds

Common Counsel Foundation (grassroots movements for social justice). Grant size is $10,000-$30,000. Applications must be submitted by Monday of each week, with funds disbursed within 1-2 weeks.

The Fighter Fund for Climate Justice, housed by the Solutions Project, created by Mark Ruffalo and Leo DiCaprio. Grants range from $500 to a maximum of $15,000. Applications are received on a rolling basis and there are no deadlines for submission. Check site for available grants.

Liberated Capital (movements and social justice) is a fund of Decolonizing Wealth Project that provides untethered resources to Indigenous and Black led organizations doing movement building and racial justice work and also Native-led organizations doing rapid COVID-19 response work.

Solidaire’s Movement Infrastructure Fund (movements and social justice). Supports work that provides long-term support for movement organizations to support resistance and build transformative futures.

Mental Health Fund (MHF) for Queer and Trans People of Color provides financial assistance to queer and trans people of color to increase access to mental health support for QTPoC by QTPoC* in response to the increased violence, threats, surveillance, and instability following the presidential election in 2016.

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If you know of additional resources, please reach out to our Switchboard Operator & Director, Maria-Elena Caprio (via our Contact Form or message on the platform)