How it Works

Kūkulu Switchboard connects community to resource stewards (philanthropy, donors, peers), and enables timely resource exchange through a human-operated online platform.

  • The platform is open to everyone for viewing and posting
  • Posts are categorized as either an ASK or OFFER
  • ASKS and OFFERS can be for funding, volunteers, in-kind donations, technical assistance, and potential partners
  • Partial funding for financial ASKS on the Kūkulu Switchboard are welcomed
  • Projects do not need to be a registered 501(c)3 or fiscally sponsored to post



  • Non-profits
  • Community service projects
  • Social enterprises
  • Movement leaders / organizers


  • Charitable Foundations
  • Volunteers
  • Technical Assistance/Professionals
  • Individuals / Families interested in donating $, gifts cards, or in-kind
  • Individuals interested in sharing their network and mana’o

WhY iT Matters

BENEFITS for Nonprofits, Social Enterprises, Community Leaders AND for Donors, Foundations and People Who Want to Share with Their Community:

  • Increase reach to potential supporters
  • New peer/partner contacts
  • Uplift current needs
  • Amplify awareness of community service landscape
  • Grassroots-centered
  • Quick tool to find-and-fund
  • Increased reach for funding pipeline
  • Current data on landscape of need
  • ‘Putting your money where the moment is”
  • Equity-centered philanthropy pathway